Avalon Nano 3 - USB 3.6GH/s ASIC Bitcoin miner Sha-256 BTC

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Ended Mar 4, 10:26 PST
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Item location Olney,MD,USA
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What is the best Avalon Nano?

Product Description

This is an auction for a used Avalan Nano 3 bitcoin miner. It is for USB only.

Miner was used over the last year to good effect and is in good working condition for mining. Clean and functional. Does not do scrypt; SHA256 only. Several pictures of the miner are taken so you feel comfortable with your bid.

*Picture 1 shows the miner. Some paint has oxidized off from the last year of heat, but this does not effect the mining. It was fan cooled. This is not dust, its just the finish on the cheap chinese paint after a year. Plan on your cooling or a good sink.

*Picture 2 shows the Green "all ok" check light on inserting the miner into the pc.

*Picture 3 shows the power draw of the miner is only 0.93A, on a USB2 port running 4.96V, so this is 4.61 W running power draw. It is a fair efficiency ASIC at 1.25 W/Mh. The LED is red for high frequency.

*Picture 4 shows the low frequency running blue light.

*Picture 5 shows the Nano plugged into a computer, running, and a screenshot of the first share obtained, showing it can indeed mine.

This is a working, decent ASIC miner for bitcoin. I am selling it because, alone, it cannot generate enough for me to scavenge up all of my SHA256 pools that have BTC remnants. The HW error rate of the Nano is meh.. but the speed and power specs are much better than the Antminer U1 or U2 USB. Not quite up to Gekkoscience but also not as pricey. This is a decent deal if you already have a powered hub set up and can simply add this guy to an open port, to increase the hash rate of your arsenal.

As with other crypto related auctions this is a no return situation. But see https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Avalon_nano for more information on the setup. You will need to install drivers and have a running copy of cgminer or bfgminer on a windows or linux instance, to get it to work. Have not tried this on a Mac. I simply ran this on a Rasb Pi with the command: